Friday, August 19, 2011

Script Finished (kind of)!

So, we've bashed together the script in the last week or so, and this evening we start filming. Its kind of exciting. The weather is even playing ball by being awful and rainy today, which is kind of perfect, as we needed miserable weather for all my comments complaining about the weather.
The script is... interesting, I think. It is well-written, I'm certain of that, its just now about translating it into something theatrically interesting. It was great bashing it into shape together, as we mostly had the same opinion, wanted to make the same cuts and changes, which meant I felt very confident about the structure and what was being left in.
I did read out a much longer draft for our camera guy on Wednesday night, and that was hugely embarrassing. I think it was made worse because he was a guy, and there are some... well, kind of "crazy girl" moments in the piece. You know, I'm fat, no one will ever love me, the sort of stuff that every guy loves to hear about. I was worried that he was getting bored, but he said it was interesting (because it was so personal), though he did think it needed to be cut down. I have to say, though, I'm ever so pleased this part is being recorded, and I won't actually have to be looking at people as I'm saying it. I don't know how I'm going to handle it at Wexford. Maybe what I'm saying won't be as personal. Maybe, hopefully, I'll just be reacting to stuff that Cathie's written.
Please, please, please, let that be the case....
The exciting thing about the script, of course, is that it is ever-changing, updating and adapting to our situation. So, I might have a whole raft of new reflections by November and Wexford. It might be an entirely different Jenny that steps out on to the stage, which is exciting as well. Of course, it could also be the same old anxious one, but that's ok too. Hopefully she'll have some new anxieties to report on. 
So, at the moment, we are starting our fundraising drive. We're having two - one in Ireland, one in Australia, and hopefully that will get us through for the first two productions. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but we are hoping to expand it further, to Alabama and Adelaide next year (maybe somewhere else in Ireland too that starts with an 'A'...), and with another performer, and we need to start thinking about that sometime soon, which makes the project... never-ending. I was hoping to get a break in between these productions and the next!! Oh, well, keeps us motivated, I suppose. I'm hoping, by that point as well, we'll be much more used to the production and getting things up and going in different countries, so it'll make it easier and less stressful the second time around.

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