Sunday, August 21, 2011

Filming Begins

We started filming my half of the script yesterday.

As I say in the film, 'I am so excited.'

We've got a great camera guy on board, Justin, and we ran about various parts of Bandon yesterday to grab various shots.

I've always hated film work, I usually feel far too self-conscious and wooden, but I really enjoyed yesterday. Plus, I didn't have to watch back much of what I'd done, which is great, because that's the part I truly hate about film work. I was given much encouragement and ego-stroking when I was able to get most shots in one take, and we were all falling about ourselves giggling about how funny some of the shots were going to be.

One of my particular favourite shots was one we did of me holding a sign saying 'London' next to the sign for Bandon, and trying to hitch a lift. Of course, the people going past were giving me the strangest looks, and I just could not keep a straight face. Eventually, we got the shot, but not before much screaming and giggling and gnashing of teeth and biting of the inside of my mouth so that I wouldn't keep laughing.

The few shots I did see looked gorgeous and of very high-quality, so that's really exciting. We're doing some more filming tomorrow night and then on Friday, and then a couple of weeks later, Yvonne will be taking the finished product with her to Melbourne.

I can't believe this crazy idea is actually happening.

I am so excited.

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